Espa Cargo is an International Moving Company based out of New York. We are specialists in relocation and the shipment of household goods, commercial and personal, and vehicles from the New York Metro Area to anywhere in the World.

Espa Cargo – International Moving Company – New York

Are you moving to another country from the New York Metro area?

Espa Cargo moving trucks are moving residential and commercial items daily. we can pick up and pack your cargo at your convenience for shipment nationwide or overseas.

Many of our clients from the New York Metro area are going abroad for a few years at the request of their employer, or are people who have come to work in the USA and are returning to their home countries If you are moving temporarily and need us to store a portion of your belongings, our nearby warehouse is available to store a portion of your belongings long term, while we ship the remainder overseas. Our movers can do this on a single pick up date.

International Customs and Regulations

Another reason to use Espa Cargo moving and packing services is to ensure that you conform to international customs and regulations. Our logistics department will always try to ensure that you have provided the necessary documents for shipping. But our packers are an integral part of the international moving process. Different locations will have different demands for packaging materials, wood products, etc.

Our packers will also create your shipping list for you. The inventory of the things in your shipment has to be accurate and prepared according to the demands of the country you are moving to. You must check that this list is accurate, and depending on your destination, you might want to translate this list.

If you have a long-term resident visa or are a returning citizen of your destination country, you can send your used personal items without tax to most countries. (If you are a citizen of an EU, this will be true of any EU country.)You can always send new things, depending on the country there might be import tariffs and usually some sort of VAT or GST (similar to American sales taxes) which can be quite high especially in Europe. It is really important to ensure that you have the right to import.

To discuss your future relocation please call Espa Cargo at 516-763-4771 or email