ESPA Cargo is a family owned and operated transportation logistics provider in New York since 1994. We are a full-service international freight forwarding company dedicated to the personable touch and quality in customer service.

 We provide integrated worldwide transportation logistics. Our specialty is Door-to-Door Relocations to Spain, Chile, and other International locations where we have developed a unique relationship with a wide network of agents who are knowledgeable and responsible leaders in the industry. Via ocean freight, we handle the relocations of personal effects, household goods and automobiles. The commercial shipments we handle are often transported via airfreight and consist of wearing apparel, electronics, machinery and spare parts. We also specialize in the safe handling of fine art and antiques by providing our own trucking, custom packing and crating services on premises.

Through our dedication and persistence, we are able to provide our clients with a custom engineered service to satisfy their individual transportation needs. Our proposals are competitive and economically priced for the most dependable and efficient service in our markets.

Due to the modern age of Internet sales, we have catered our services to clients making Internet purchases from overseas. Our warehouse facility is available to handle and receive your packages from any vendor in USA. Upon doing so, we’ll notify you immediately of the arrival and inventory of your packages.

We are also available to represent and make purchases on your behalf. Whatever your needs are from the USA, do not hesitate to contact your friends at ESPA Cargo in New York.