Door-to-Door Service

We specialize in Door-to-Door transportation from USA to Spain and Chile. Since we commenced operations in 1994, our main focus has been providing a personable, reliable and professional service exclusively to these two countries at the most economical price.

This is a difficult service to offer because of the many foreign logistics, fees, and customs agencies involved. ESPA Cargo perfected this service to these two exclusive destinations because of the vast knowledge, experience and contacts we have established throughout the years.

Door-to-Door is a guaranteed quality and efficient relocation service with everything included in one cost efficient low price. You will NEVER have any hidden charges.

Whether you are shipping loose freight or an entire container, we will always honor our proposals. Many transportation and moving companies are well known to lure you to them with low estimates and then hold your goods at ransom once it arrives overseas. We guarantee to get you the best price for the most reliable and honest service without ever having to worry about additional charges.

Our proof of quality and the best source of advertising is the referrals we receive from our satisfied clients through word of mouth. Our reputation in the market is one of professionalism, dependability, trust and attention to service.

When choosing a transportation company for your move, we recommend you research them with several government agencies. People have reported scams and lack of service in order to prevent it from happening to you.

You should contact the following agencies and ask them if they have any complaints filed against the company you choose.