The documents you will need are:

a. The original Certificate of Title of Ownership of the vehicle without a Lien recorded on the Title. If the title indicates a Lien Holder, then a lien release letter must accompany the title.

b. If the vehicle is used or pre-owned the existing Certificate of Title can be endorsed by the seller to the new owner. No Sales Tax is payable to the Seller and proof of export will be given to the Seller if requested.

c. Depending on which Port the vehicle will sail from, you may need a Bill of Sale or a Notarized Bill of Sale.

d. If you are in the Military, Government or State service and there is a Lien recorded on the vehicle, the Lien Holder needs to give permission to export the vehicle. This permission must be an Original Letter from the Lien holder together with 3 certified copies of the Certificate of Title. You will also need to present your Military orders or a letter from the Government or State authority.

e. When a new vehicle is purchased, an Original Manufacturers Certificate of Origin (MSO)must be obtained from the Dealership instead of a title . Please note that some countries do not accept the import of the vehicle or make it extremely difficult to import with only the MSO. A Bill of Sale is also required.

g. For some ports in Florida, you will need a Power of Attorney giving the clearing agents permission to clear your documents on your behalf.